I’m always excited and inspired when someone I’m working with hits their goals.

A gentleman named Jason reached out to me, he was frustrated and had plateaued in his own fitness and wasn’t being challenged. As his body started to change his brother Mark became interested in the training and began training alongside him.

Mark’s progress since he started following my programming has been tremendous. He’s lost 70lbs, has increased in strength, and is more fit than he’s been in years.

Jason describes his change well:

“This is my brother, Mark, one year ago and 70lbs heavier. He is killing it! His weight loss really picked up when we started working with you. The guy in the green shirt drank beer every night and his diet was out of control. One year ago he couldn’t walk 5 miles without being sore for days, barely able to complete it. Recently he ran a 10k in 60 minutes! I am proud of him and happy to have him on my journey!”

Amazing work gentlemen. There’s far more to come.