Father, husband, coach, entrepreneur… It’s a lot to juggle.

My family is my life, my clients are my business, my business is my livelihood.

My business is fitness. I help my clients become the best version of themselves through physical training, and I’m good at it.

Yet my own struggle with self-image and success was ignored.

I was a fighter in college. I trained hard and I was fit as hell for my efforts. I won a lot of fights. But life was more simple then… I was focused on myself.

As a professional coach I was focused on my clients and my own fitness was an afterthought. It showed.

Sure I could move a lot of weight but I was not the picture of fitness: too jiggly around the middle to draw in the clients.

In the fitness industry image is everything. I knew I had to look the part and I knew I had to figure out how to balance my life to make it happen. I also knew that I needed help.

I reached out to my colleague and good friend Bobby Maximus and we devised a plan. The workouts and nutrition became non-negotiable. I had to plan ahead and focus on preparation.

I worked on systems to automate my business that afforded me much more flexibility in managing the day-to-day stuff. I learned to prioritize tasks and delegate.

I made time for my family and during that time the focus was on them.

It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. There were a lot of messy days and a lot of mistakes. There were a lot of check-ins with Bobby to keep me going.

My community showed interest and support and I got better at it… Better at all of it.

I’m still not great, but I’m certainly much better now than I was before and my results show the fruits of the struggles I undertook to get here.

The fight isn’t over, either, it never is. What I learned through my transformation is that I CAN and I know that I’ll figure out how to do better as time goes on. 

In the meantime my clients, my community, and my family have benefited from my experience and the inspiration it brings. There is a new energy in my life and it’s only growing stronger.

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