Program Description:

This is the most straightforward and effective programs I have ever done. It goes right to the heart of what it takes to make a major transformation.

It is a major mindgame, though, and will really test you. However, if you stick it out you will NOT regret it!
Duration: 3 -4 weeks.
Protocol: It consists of just TWO workouts that alternate each day.
Equipment: A pullup bar, a dip station, and enough space for pushups and squats.
Nutrition: Follow the Five Simple Rules for Fat Loss.

Rules For Early Morning Cardio:

The duration of the session should last 60 minutes and should be done Monday through Friday.

Cardiovascular exercise needs to be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

The only thing you’re allowed before hand is water and/or black coffee. Zero calories.

The pace of the cardio should be hard enough to get you a serious sweat. It should be hard but not crushing.

You can do steady state or intervals to mix it up once in awhile but for this type of training I prefer doing “Fartlek” style work.

“Fartlek” is Swedish for “speed play.” It’s an unstructured interval run, where you go from easy to moderate to hard efforts at random. It’s also fun to do with friends by playing games like follow the leader. There’s a huge mental benefit from this training due to its unpredictability—ditch your watch, your distance goals, and all your other numbers and just go out, have fun, and keep it free flowing.

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