In this episode of “The Maximus Podcast” Joe Cebula and Bobby Maximus field questions submitted by our listeners:

1:15 – How do I get a workout partner to have the same drive as me to achieve what I want to?
5:10 – How do I know I’m pushing hard enough during my workouts and also sufficiently recovering?
9:30 – Can you do hypertrophy workouts to gain mass while still training for strength?
13:30 – How would you program a week of training for a fighter in camp?
17:15 – How are you able to put on so much mass without getting fat?
21:00 – Have you ever considered laying off the fast food and getting in more plants?
23:40 – What is the most important training variable when it comes to training with very little time?
26:00 – Can you talk about the importance of sleep in a recovery regimen?
29:00 – I think I’m possibly going to lose my hair. Did you struggle with baldness?
31:15 – How do you get your partner into fitness?
35:30 – What helps you stay present?
39:45 – What are your thoughts on building strength technique on Oly lifts before starting the Maximus Body?
42:30 – The top 5 Movies a man gets a pass to cry at
47:45 – What exactly is Blender Bottle?
48:45 – Please give examples of cheap efficient meal making for the week
49:30 – If you had to sacrifice sleep, recovery, or nutrition which would you pick?
52:15 – Shout out to Crosby
52:45 – What is the most patties you’ve ever had on a hamburger?
53:30 – What do you do when one of your superiors hates you because he envies you?

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