Pt 1 – General Warm Up

Pt 2 – Specific Warm Up

Pt 3 – Workout

Pt 4 – Accessory Exercises

Pt 5 – Chosing the Right Accessory Exercises

Pt 6 – Finishers

So we’ve done the work for the day, hit on all cylinders, and have addressed our weaknesses. Do we fold up? Call it a day? Head home?

Not yet…

We aren’t planning to hit just one workout then never workout again, right? We have another workout coming up. We have to start our recovery right away!

This is what a good cool down does for you.

Start getting ready for next time by helping your body return to a level place and begin to heal from all the stress and damage it just incurred.

Five to ten minutes of light cardio is enough to make a difference. Do some light stretching and mobility work to ensure that you are able to move and function. Hit that mobility issue you have with a little something extra here.

If you just know your legs are gonna be sore spend a few minutes on a foam roller or doing self massage to help caress the tissues into healing.

It makes a HUGE difference!