In Pt 1 I spoke about the General Warmup. This time we will focus on the Specific Warmup.

Specific to what?

Well, you have two main ways to consider this:

  1. Specific to the work to come
  2. Specific to your needs as an athlete

I tend to choose a blend of the two.

So you’ve completed the General Warmup with 10 min of Rowing at an easy pace and now you are preparing to do some deadlifting. You shouldn’t just jump right into heavy lifting so you will begin with some light weights and build up to your working weight on the deadlift.

This could be enough to cover your specific warmup.

Another approach might be to do some deadlift-specific accessory work before you start warming up the main lift. This might look like the following:

  1. 5×2 Single-Leg Deadlifts at 95-135 lbs (each leg)
  2. 5×4 Stiff-legged Deadlifts at 95-135 lbs
  3. 5×5 Pistols to a low box (each leg)
  4. 3×5 Broad Jumps

You could choose one of the above, or all three. The rule here is simple:

Don’t do too much!

Do enough work to get loose and fire up the movement pattern you intend to train but not so much that you’re exhausted before you begin.

The other approach is to hit the things you need to hit. Let’s say you have some shoulder issues… You might do some shoulder-specific restorative or structural work before you hit the main workout.

As I stated above, I usually will do a mix of the two approaches by hitting some of my movement/mobility issues then doing a few reps of warmup lifts and prep work. This will ensure that you’re fixing the things you need to fix and maximizing potential for the main workout.

The whole process should take less than 10 minutes making the total warmup (General and Specific) 10-20 min in total duration.

If I am in a pinch I will stay to the short end of the spectrum but I will not cut it out entirely.

Now that we’ve covered the warmup we can move into the main workout. Tune in next time for Pt 3!