When my daughter was born I decided she would not be a hindrance to my fitness. In fact, she became a large part of the reason why my fitness was so important. The lessons I learned through training, in sport, martial arts, and in the gym have enhanced my life and turned me into who I am today.
Why wouldn’t I want her to have that too?

We have this idea that “getting fit” means going into the gym and pounding out killer workouts one after the next until by force of will we hammer our bodies into submission.

Where do children fit into that? Heck, where does any real life fit into that?

There are tales of warriors who retreat into the mountains to train in solitude, undistracted, until they return to the valley below a true master… No wife, no kids, no job to get in the way.

I want my wife, my kids, and my work. It has to fit together. Sometimes I can hit hard workouts undistributed. Sometimes my little girl challenges me. If you think doing pushups is hard enough try having a 20-30 lb toddler climb on your back. Try squats holding a child like a kettlebell (toddler squats), and my daughter’s favorite: lunges with her on my shoulder.

I don’t teach her how. I encourage her. I let her play. I keep it fun.

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