What the hell am I supposed to eat?

It’s hard to sort through all the data and mis-information out there. I like to keep things simple. The following food pyramid is based off of the dietary recommendations that I generally keep myself. in the spirit of Simplicity, I will refrain from going too far down the rabbit hole on why it’s this way.

If you have questions go ahead and ask!

Look at the food pyramid (starting at the base):

  • The base is your protein choices. Lean meats and fish are the must-haves.
  • On top of that comes veggies. These should be non-starchy veggies, too (no corn, potatoes, or sweet potatoes.) Its hard to overdo veggies and easy to understate their importance. You’ll live way better with them and you won’t thrive without them.
  • On top of that is nuts & seeds. Extra calories, mostly fats.
  • Berries next. Little bit of sugar, lots of fiber and vitamins. I don’t do much fruit as the sugar levels are way too high. Berries are enough for me.
  • Supplements should be exactly that: supplements. You should dial the rest of your nutrition in before you get crazy with all the extra stuff. In fact, the better your nutrition is to start with, the less you should have to worry about supplements. I’ll cover supplements in Pt 2.


Q. So… What the hell should I eat?

A. Meat, veggies, nuts & seeds, and berries.

Q. How much?

A. As much as you need based on your goals.

Q. When should I eat?

A. When you’re hungry and when you need fuel.


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