I was recently asked about the prospect of training multiple goals simultaneously. A particular athlete wants to get stronger, leaner, faster, and do a 10 mile ruck with a 40 lb pack:

“My question is can I train multiple things at once – i.e. do a weight loss and lean muscle transformation whilst building my upper body strength back up and also increase my cardio and endurance to run a fast weighted race?”

He was told he’d have to focus on one thing at a time…

But here’s what I told him:

“You’re a pretty big dude, not that strong, and not that fast.”

He’s starting at 6′ 1″, 207 lbs, 20-22% bf with a 9 min mile run and a 270lb Deadlift.

The program I recommend is below. There are two iterations: a Beginner program and an Advanced Program.

The Beginner version is lighter on volume and requires 1 hour a day for training. Combined with a good nutrition plan it will 100% get an athlete from that starting point to a leaner, meaner, more fit body that will finish the ruck at a respectable clip.

The Advanced version requires 2 workouts a day and you will absolutely HAVE to manage recovery and stress. Get LOTS of sleep and keep to the 5 Rules. Workouts repeat so you have to keep your mind in the game.

If you’ve never trained like this before, start with the Beginner plan and after 6 weeks you can consider jumping up to the advanced plan. If you’re doing the advanced plan and are feeling run down take a back-off week by jumping down the Beginner plan and then work back up to the Advanced.

You’ll notice that the plan is only ONE WEEK in duration. Without much gear you don’t need complicated plans. It’s a TON of bodyweight stuff and a lot of running. The Beginner and Advanced plans are very similar so study the differences well. Repeat the workouts each week trying to build on previous scores.

EZ Runs are easy. For the weekend rucks try to go a little further every time.

Equipment needed: Pullup Bar, Kettlebell (or Dumbbell), 40 lb Pack (for the rucks)