Your Mission

Dare to face your fears, dare to take risks, dare to be greater. It doesn’t matter where to start in life the goal is to constantly improve. The goal is to constantly challenge yourself and to become greater than the person you were the day before. Joe Cebula provides the philosophy and tools to help the everyday person elevate their life status.


If you’re going to make a transformation then diet will need to be a big part of the program. Learn to eat to drive change but also to live your best life.

Eat to


I believe in keeping things simple. Complicated workouts schemes take away from what’s really needed: Hard Work. Learn my straightforward, no nonsense style of training with some of my favorite signature workouts.

Looking to make a change? Looking to really transform yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll need a plan. I’ll provide the roadmap all you have to do is show up and don’t quit.



What is the most terrifying thing you can imagine fighting? That’s right it’s a bear. We all have our own bear to fight. Maybe yours is losing 20lbs, maybe it’s regaining your health, maybe it’s going after that job promotion you’ve always wanted. Either way you haven’t done it yet because you’re scared or know it’s going to be a real fight. Unlock your inner strength so you have the power to defeat your goals and become a better version of yourself.



Become Greater

What we do in training is reflected in our lives. Become the best version of yourself.


Every Day Counts

Forward. The real work is done in the trenches. Small steps made every day lead to big changes.

Then Later Now

Sustainable results. There's no magic pill, no quick fix, and no gimmick.



Joe Cebula is hands-down the best one-stop-shop training coach you need to excel at life. His knowledge and experience across the ever-so-broad domain of fitness knowledge is unparalleled and his firm yet personable approach is just what I needed.


I wish I was as fit at 28 as I am now at 58 thanks to working with Joe


I started working with Joe with a weight loss goal in mind, I wanted to get under 200 pounds. I started his program at 230lbs and got down to 186! I am currently on Joe’s Mass Gain program and am up to 197 pounds. Joe customizes a plan that aligns with your personal goals. The workouts are challenging and nutritional coaching is effective.


Over the years I’ve tried many fad programs or online coaches, and nothing seemed to keep me motivated and consistent. It wasn’t until I came across Coach Joe that I was able to turn going to the gym into a habit. In the beginning, daily check-ins not only held me accountable to meet my fitness goals, but also were encouraging and supportive, with guidance on any questions on form and technique. Working with Coach Joe for the last 4 months, not only have turned my fitness goals into a daily habit, but also a lifestyle. I’m leaner, stronger, healthier, starting to show a 6-pack, and my confidence is through the roof. I would highly recommend Coach Joe, to anyone looking to start a fitness journey.


Clinical Manager
Joe created an excellent program that starts with building a base level of fitness and continually expands and pushes you to new limits. I did CrossFit for 3 years and in 16 weeks I have reached and exceeded many fitness goals with Joe’s help. At 41 years old I am training, eating and overall living better than I ever have. I attribute a great deal of this to Joe and his program. He is available for questions, very timely in responses and has an excellent perspective when you are struggling. I would recommend Joe to anyone from the beginner to the advanced athlete.


Ice Climber
Joe is not among the best trainers I've worked with, he is the best. As a professional ice climber and athlete, my personal fitness can be a matter of life and death. Joe has helped me reach a level of fitness I never had in my entire career until now. If you want to raise your game by a magnitude, work with this guy.



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